Telekinetic Obstacle Course

Show the world that you literally use your brain with the Telekinetic Obstacle Course, where it requires one to focus brain waves to maneuver a ball through the obstacle course right in front of you. Pretty unnerving, right? Now you get a semblance of how telekinesis feels like, making you wonder just how infinitely more powerful fictional mutants like Psylocke or Jean Grey handle this experience.

A headband and two earlobe clips measure theta wave activity produced by your brain (similar to EEG monitoring technology used by medical professionals). As you relax and concentrate, the headband sends a wireless signal (based on your mental commands) to the game’s air fan, which increases or decreases its speed, suspending or lowering a foam ball; a knob enables you to turn the gameboard in order to move the ball through one of eight obstacles, including hoops, teeter-totters, baskets, or chutes. The obstacles may be interchanged; includes nine total obstacles.

Powered by a quartet of C batteries and a trio of AAA batteries, the Telekinetic Obstacle Course would make for a nice present this Christmas for $99.95.


September 16, 2009 at 6:34 PM xx_Bianca_xx said...

that looks AWESOME... how the hell do i get one of those?

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