Black and White Recon DVR Camera in a Decorative Clock

This StealthCam was carefully hidden behind a contemporary clock facade, but still manages to use the latest stealth recording technology in a single surveillance device. Actually, the developers of the product presented by BrickHouse Security have eliminated the requirements of additional recording equipment.

The surveillance kit includes a motion detection sensor, as well as time and date stamp for a precise analysis of the content. And speaking about the content, it's important to note that the StealthCam records video at 30fps, in MPEG-4 format and even sports various recording modes, as for example Manual / Motion Activation/ External Input Signal. Unfortunately, though, the video resolution is far from fantastic, namely somewhere under 320x240 pixels.

Another very interesting thing worth mentioning about this particular covert recording system is that it doesn't require any additional equipment. The StealthCam uses an SD card as a recording media, which makes it extremely easy for the users to playback the recorded video (at 1x, 2x, 4x speeds) on just about any computer equipped with a memory card reader. However, the device also sports a full-screen television output, for those situations where a more “in-depth” analysis of the video feed is required.

And if you were wondering just how much video this thing can record, you should know that, when using an 4 GB SD card (the maximum capacity supported), the device can record up to 7 hours of video feed, which is just about enough for any surveillance operation.

Sporting a reasonable size of 8.75 x 7.4 x 3.5 inches, the cam can be placed on any table without offering any clue about it's real functionality. So, from now on you can finally breath easily when hiring a nanny for your toddler, especially since this thing can be purchased for just around 450 bucks a pop.


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