The G150 Kodak Keychains makes your pictures portable

No longer do mothers carry around a small booklet showing off their children. Now, you can carry around a digital keychain that can hold far more than that little booklet ever could. This keychain will allow for you to keep photos of your loved ones close to you, without weighing you down too much. This would be especially great for those that travel frequently and want something to flip through when they’re stuck in a hotel away from the ones they love.

One thing with this is that it’s actually meant to be used as a keychain. However, I know for me at least, something that large on my keys would annoy me a little. Then again there are a great deal of people that load down their keys with various keychains, so for them this won’t be an issue. The screen itself on this is 1.5 inches, although they don’t say what the keychain as a whole measures. The frame will hold over 100 photos in the built-in memory and when fully charged can function for up to 2 hours. You can purchase the Kodak Keychain for $29.99.


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