Funky, measuring tape Ora watch

Sometimes, watches look really interesting. So many of the designs just make you want to grab it then and there. This is a conceptual watch that may give you mixed thoughts. It is a pretty funky looking one and has a measuring-tape look-alike thing as its dial. Termed as the Ora watch, this one tells time on a series of three crisscrossed analog time strips. The top one gives time in minutes, overlapping a smaller band with the hours, and a narrow third belt with the current day of the week. The mechanism seems very complicated and quite mind baffling. It is designed by Alexandros Stasinopoulos.

Japan brings to life the Giant Robot with orange shoes

We love building huge things as long as they look good, are useful and totally harmless. Now if that were the case, what made the Tetsujin such a lovable freak. Well, it’s a robot that’s taking everyone by storm. Firstly, because of it’s humungous size and secondly because it has some really annoying, bright colors in patches. I mean, if you make something with so much energy, time and money spent, why not make it bold? It’s got a total ‘Power Rangers’ like pose to start off with.The Tetsujin life-sized robot will soon make its mark among young minds of Japanese youngsters. Well, let’s hope he’s earth-quake aware, else his frantic movements will surely ‘bring down the house’, literally

Apple iPad tablet will work on the iPhone OS

Apple’s iPad was coming a long way but hey, here’s something that’s giving the fans-of-the-forbidden-geek-fruit new hope. Well, we did finally not waste our time by rumoring around with the size and announcement of the tablet, though the latter came even earlier than we projected. To be more specific, the ‘real’ iPad will sport a 10.7 inch touch screen display and will run on the iPhone OS! There’s also word that it will have both, 3G and non-3G versions. That’s surely cool. We can expect the iPad announcement by January 19th 2010. The release date is most likely to be in the middle of the year. So long, so bad.

The LaCie Sound2 stylish speakers at an affordable price

LaCie has teamed up with audio experts Cabasse and designer Neil Poulton for audio that looks as good as it sounds, throwing in some versatility too. In terms of specifics, the Sound2 offers 30W of Cabasse-tuned sound, hooking up to your PC and Mac via the built-in USB cable or that line-in for other devices, none requiring any drivers to be installed. The LaCie Sound2 come for a decent price tag of; look out for the LaCie Sound2 speakers in coming weeks, priced at $100.

Sony’s portable DVD drive – DRX-S70-W

Just for your information, Sony already has a portable DVD drive which is the DRX-U70. The new drive which is the DRX-S70-W has a slim design and supports up to 8X DVD+R recording speeds, delivering a full 4.7 GB disc of video, data or music or even images on standard 8X DVD+R media. That is not all that the new drive can do. Insert an 8.5GB DVD+R and a 4.7GB DVD-RW, it will record 6X speeds, a DVD+RW at 8X speeds, DVD-RAM at 5X speed and CD-R/W at 24X speed. The drive also comes with Nero DVD/CD software and has USB 2.0 for a simple set up and maximum flexibility.

BlueWatchDog anti-theft device with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth technology is an excellent technology that has been made because it has many uses you might now even think of. For example, the BlueWatchDog is a personal anti-theft device and this device is Bluetooth enabled. This device will alert you on your cell phone when someone is trying to steal your stuff like you wallet and it goes beyond your specific radius. The alarm will sound in an ear piercing shriek that hopefully will make the thief scared and drop the item he has taken but just cross your fingers it is your wallet and not an expensive device. It will cost you GBP 43.47 (US$ 70).

Panoramic Holiday Projector for your home

There was this movie with Joe Pesci where he had this odd competition with his neighbor in showing who does things better. In that he had made his home like a crazy carnival with all sorts of paraphernalia. The one thing that stood out was the projector works on it. You can also now do it with the Panoramic Holiday Projector to make your home into a holiday fun movie screen. You can choose one of 10 designs including hearts, shamrocks, Jack o’ Lanterns or snowflakes and light it up from a range of 10 metres. You can choose any festival or occasion you wish to. You can buy this one for $79.95 from Brookstone.

Belkin’s new Conserve Surge with a timer

This is a fun and efficient surge protector... with a timer. Belkin’s new Conserve Surge with Timer turns out 50 per cent of office power used up by devices on standby mode. This system will switch off lights at the office during the night when the office is empty hence saving a lot of energy and money. There are two outlets which will always be on so that you don’t lose any work on your desktop. It also comes with an on/off switch that lets you turn off those 6 sockets before the timer goes into action. You can buy this new version for $35.

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