Spy Video Car

Remember all those movies featuring spy kids or simply way-too-curious toddlers who snooped around by using a remote controlled car with a video camera mounted onto it? And remember how you wished you had one of your own (at least yours-truly did)? Well, even if we're all grown up now, that fascination is still resident somewhere deep inside, and that's why the gadget I'll present today is the Spy Video Car brought by WildPlanet.

This real spy toy is quite unique, featuring not only a completely wireless control and viewing system, but also an infrared camera, which allows it to be used even in the darkest nights. Moreover, in order to assure the complete “secrecy” of what is being filmed, the control system sports a single LCD lens attached to the user's headset, thus assuring the unique and single access to the video feed broadcast by the car's camera.

The Spy Video Car has a range of up to 23 meters, so it can be used for spying from a safe distance, and works with 12 AA batteries (quite a lot, but after all, the power requirements are high). The toy will be available in the holiday season for around 140 dollars, and could represent a very interesting gift for any kid (but not only), although special care is required, as the Spy Video Car could also be used for some pretty nasty purposes.


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