Digital Spy Video Rocket

All of us have had at some point somewhat of a “spy” bone, either after watching some James Bond movie or reading some interesting book. For this reason, from the same series that includes weird digital cameras, awkward devices and freaky gizmos, the guys from Hammacher Schlemmer are selling the Digital Video Rocket to the ones that always appreciate a good old spying activity.

This baby can actually fly to an unbelievable height of 300 feet, while carefully recording the landscape at a 640 x 480 pixel resolution, just like the black box does should a plane go down. Unfortunately, there is nothing unbelievable regarding the lenght of the footage it provides, as it can record only 12 seconds of video content, and can only store 3 still images per each flight (stores up to 15 photos in total).

All you have to do to get the best result is to point it in the right direction. The secret inside the Digital Video Rocket is a built-in sharp and mostly impact resistant camera, which will be able to take quite a fair amount of shocks (even repeated shocks, for that matter).

In order to assure its functionality, the Rocket uses Estes C6-5 engines, which can be easily found in certain hobby stores. The Digital Rocket kit includes a launch pad, special camera software and two sets of L1154 button-cell batteries for the system. To ensure your camera doesn’t get smashed upon “re-entry”, the manufactures have used injection molded plastic.

And if you’re still wondering about the price tag, you should know it’s a convenient one around 60 bucks.


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