Creative Zen Launches Latest X-Fi 2 32 GB Finest Audio

Music is most important for everyone it can help you when you are tense, or getting bore it can change your mood within minutes without music life is like incomplete many types of music players are available in market but here is the new offer of Creative Zen it launches the latest X-Fi 2 32 GB, enhanced audio in with excellent features.

This is the amazing quality of music system just for your entertainment and you can easily take the enjoyment with this audio system in anytime this audio player is available in superior technology.

gives many features such as file formats such as WMV9, MPEG4-SP, DivX** 4/5, Audible4, XviD, FLAC, WMA (DRM9), MP3 it can also read JPEG and BMP pictures. It is available in three versions 8 GB, 32 GB and 16 GB.

It also offers some more features such as it has extremely spacious 3 inch TFT touch screen, FM, built-in speaker, synch support with MS-Outlook for contact information, microphone, it has microSD expansion and preloaded tracks.

This is such a great offer for all music lovers who have a big craze of music it is so impressive the price of 16 GB $329 and 32 GB is $399 the 8GB price will be available known later this audio player will be available on October in Singapore!


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