"Peep hole reverser"-Tactical Door-Viewer

The peep hole represents one of the most useful products ever developed, and most of us probably agree with this idea. But it's usefulness can be manifested in ways you might have not imagined up until now, at least if device called “Peep hole reverser"-Tactical Door-Viewer.

Developed with the help of the law enforcement industry, the device can be placed on the most types of peep holes in order to assess the activity behind the closed door. This is possible due to the fact that the Peep hole reverser"-Tactical Door-Viewer includes a very innovative optical system, that reverses the optical effect generated by the peep hole.

The device is recommended especially for the police forces, because it can prove to be quite useful in their missions, especially those with a high degree of risk.

Made of high quality lightweight materials, the housing is a strong, lightweight composite with an all-weather coating. The lenses are high-quality precision ground glass custom designed for Tactical Door-Viewer peephole reverser

The device sells for around 88 US dollars, which is not exactly a small sum, but it's actually quite worth it, given the fact that this very small product could actually prove to be extremely beneficial for certain categories of users.


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