CamCaddy Universal Camera Charger

For those of you in larger families, there’s not always just one camera for the household. It being just me within mine, even I have two different types of cameras. Which makes charging them up a little obnoxious. Personally, I’m getting tired of trying to remember which cord goes with which camera. Well instead of putting yourself through all of that nonsense, you could pick up this universal camera charger that not only simplifies your life but is capable of charging your camera in an eco-friendly manner.

The charger can function with 85% of the block camera batteries. If you’re concerned that it won’t work with your cameras there is an online tool they offer to allow you to check things out before you purchase the universal charger. It’s compatible with both Solar Technology’s FreeLoader and FreeLoader Pro solar gadget chargers. The CamCaddy can also be hooked up to your car socket or your PC or laptop. For those of you that do a bit of traveling in both the US and the UK you’ll be happy to know that it comes with an adaptor for both US and European outlets. You can purchase the gadget for £24.99 or about $41.


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