Light Bulb Hidden Camera With Night Vision

Do you want to check on somebody's movements (read spy) and you need a video camera that's very well disguised? Well, even if the above mentioned activity is not at all encouraged, one of the best solutions to achieve the above requirements is the Light Bulb Hidden Camera With Night Vision presented by the people from Spyville.

Thus, this very special camera sport some pretty interesting features, among which some of the most important are the facts that it can be installed (and powered) exactly like a normal light bulb, directly from the lighting system, as well as the fact that it is quite weatherproof, thus being quite fit to be used on the outside.

The surveillance camera disguised as a light bulb comes with a built-in CCD black and white sensor, as well as with its own digital signal processor, which means that users will be able to view the capture images directly on their TVs, at very good quality and without any interventions from a computer. Furthermore, it's important to mention that the device offers a rather OK field of view (80 degrees) and that, unfortunately, it only works in th NTSC system.

The camera also allows users to enjoy infrared-enhanced night vision, as it comes packed with no less than 6 IR LEDs. Additionally, for easier operation, it features an IRFS power line carrier transmission system (no additional wires or antennas required).

The Light Bulb Hidden Camera With Night Vision from Spyville sells online for an estimate 170 US dollars, which is not that bad a price for a device that will allow users to setup their own covert surveillance operations.


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