Sony Introduces The New Webbie HD Memory Stick Camcorder

Recently Sony introduces the new Webbie HD Memory Stick Camcorder with excellent features this is the latest technology of finest camcorder it is best for capturing picture and video it is available in orange color.

It offers many exciting features such as 5x optical zoom lens, you can easily shoot video in high definition MP4 (H.264) format at 1440×1080 resolution, it has includes LED video light. It has a 2.5″ LCD it ha also includes 5MP still images. This is the high quality of amazing camcorder.

It is best for capturing photos and videos many types of camcorders are available in market but this one is different it has excellent capacity of battery life. It has includes Memory Stick PRO Duo™ Media (Sold Separately), 2070K Pixels (16:9), 690K Pixels (4:3), it has also includes 1/2.5″ CMOS imaging sensor.

The 5MP CMOS sensor enables the Webbie HD™ camera lets you to obtain spiky 5MP still pictures in addition to HD MP4 video width of about 1.7″ and a height of 2.4″, the Webbie HD.

This is full-featured excellent quality camcorder it is best for taking traveling also for special event new Sony Webbie HD Memory Stick Camcorder is perfect for using any occasion it is best for memorable life it is available in $130 are you ready for buying !


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