Vacu Vin Wine Bottle Coaster

After pouring wine, I always seem to end up with hard to remove drips and rings on my countertop. The solution is simply to use one of these cool new Vacu Vin Wine Bottle Coasters. This stylish stainless steel wine bottle coaster prevents condensation rings from forming, catches all the drips and protects surfaces from marks and scratches. It fits most standard 750 ml wine bottles and features a flexible inner rubber rim that keeps it snugly attached to the bottle. Great gift for wine lovers.

Emsa Perfect Beaker - Precision Measuring Cup

Every kitchen has that one drawer that is completely filled to the brim with cooking gadgets, utensils and other crazy contraptions. Well, now you can regain a bit of space by eliminating all those measuring cups and spoons and simply use the cool new Emsa Perfect Beaker.

This 16oz all-purpose, beaker-shaped measuring cup is ideal for liquid or dry ingredients and has scientifically calibrated markings for six different measurements: cups, fluid ounces, pints, teaspoons, tablespoons, and milliliters/cubic centimeters. It features a narrow base to ensure accurate measurements, has a beveled rim for easy easy pouring and includes a lid with a leak-proof freshness seal for safely mixing, shaking, and storage.

This beaker is truly an indispensable tool in the kitchen for whatever mad science concoctions you're cooking up and makes a great gift for any home chef.

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